Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Brock Bigard and I am a lover of all things endurance. I live in one of the greatest areas for endurance sports, Boulder, CO and I have recently taken an opportunity with a fantastic company who creates kick ass software for endurance athletes. I have been competing in endurance events for almost 10 years now. I started out as a runner and got bored with it, so I decided to spice things up and try out the sport of triathlon. After my first sprint, I was completely hooked. My foray into longer distance triathlons started like I believe many do, with a night of drinking with the buddies and a dare. Triathletes are mostly type 'A' personalities, we can't back down from a dare. Dare us to do anything and most likely we'll be up for it. Two Ironman races can attest to that. While I'm not a highly decorated triathlete, I certainly love the sport. I probably won't be doing any triathlons this year as I recover from a broken collar bone, but that's sure as hell not going to stop me from writing about it.

A website is born

A little background on this website. Back in 2007 (has it really been that long?) I got super lucky and scored a great domain name. After gobbling it up, I felt obligated to hold onto it and make something of it. So, I set out to create a website with some general information on the sport of triathlon targeted to beginners and those who wanted to know more about the sport. The website has allowed me to marry my two greatest passions: web development and the sport of triathlon. Hopefully, by adding this blog section to my site I can expand upon the information provided and give a little insight into the sport from an athlete's point of view. I don't really know where it'll end up, but I hope I can keep up the posts and make the blog valuable/enjoyable to any visitors.