Triathlon Race Gear

Besides the obvious equipment that a triathlete is required to have in order to compete there are various other products that exist which can improve your performance and make your life a little easier during racing season.

Fuel Belt

The fuel belt’s primary function is to allow you to carry nutrition and hydration materials with you. The basic fuel belt will have a compartment to hold items as well as holsters for bottles. Fuel belts are worn during the run.

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is a device that allows an athlete to monitor their heart rate in real time. Various designs exist. The most common form is one where a strap is worn around the chest and a watch receives the data either via a wire or wireless signals.

Hydration Systems

Hydration is important during racing and training. Many different systems exist to ensure you are kept hydrated. Various bike accessories exist that are designed to hold water bottles. For the run leg of the race, fuel belts can be used to carry the liquid of your choice.

Race Belt

Race belts are designed to hold bib numbers. Race numbers are often required to be worn during the running leg of the triathlon. (Some triathlons require the number to be worn during the bike as well.) Race belts make it easy to put your number on and go.

Race Wheels

Race wheels are lightweight and more aerodynamic than regular sets of wheels. These benefits come at a price. Race wheels are substantially more expensive than standard wheelsets. Because of their price, race wheels are saved for races and occasional bike workouts.


As a majority of triathlon season occurs during the spring and summer months, sunglasses are a neccesity. Look for sunglasses that are shatter-proof since they will most like take a beating during the course of the season.

Transition Bag

Triathletes have a lot of equipment to tote around. Triathlon bags are designed to hold all of your equipment, making it easy to transport it to and from events.