Triathlon Distances

To accomodate all different skill levels, there are several different distances for triathlon races. Sprint distances vary from race to race, but the other distances are consistent with the lengths shown in the table below. The Half and Full distances are commonly referred to as Half Ironman and Ironman distances respectively. Half Ironman races can also be referred to as Ironman 70.3’s, with the number 70.3 representing the total mileage of the race.

Sprint0.5mi (750m)12.4mi (20km)3.1mi (5km)
Olympic / 51500.93mi (1.5km)24.8mi (40km)6.2mi (10km)
ITU Long1.86mi (3km)49.6mi (80km)12.4mi (20km)
Half / 70.31.2mi (1.9km)56mi (90km)13.1mi (21.09km)
Full2.4mi (3.8km)112mi (180km)26.2mi (42.195km)